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[PRE-ORDER] Dept [Goodbye 2023] (Platform Album)

[PRE-ORDER] Dept [Goodbye 2023] (Platform Album)

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 Dept [Goodbye 2023] (Platform Album) Inclusion sheet

Kloud City Expected Shipping Date : 10.01.2024*


- Album case: 1EA / 120x120mm
- Mini card QR: 1EA / 54x85mm / Random out of 2
- Photocard: 2EA / 54x85mm / Random out of 5
- Calendar card set: 12EA / 54x85mm / Random out of 2 Sets
- Letter: 1EA / 80x110mm
- Postcard: 5EA / 110x110mm / Random out of 10

Track List

1. What Is Love (Feat. J.O.Y, Ashley Alisha)
2. Autumn Love (Feat. J.O.Y, Kelsey Kuan)
3. Selfish Love (Feat. Ashley Alisha)
4. White Snow (Feat. prettyhappy)
5. Dejavu (Feat. J.O.Y, Kelsey Kuan) with Lilly Choi
6. Closer (Feat. Kelsey Kuan)
7. Bye My Blue (Feat. Cindy Zhang)
8. Love Story (Feat. Sally Boy, Kelsey Kuan)
9. Neighborhood (Feat. J.O.Y)
10. 오만과 편견 (Feat. J.O.Y)
11. Me and U (Feat. Vivien Yap)
12. Ocean (Feat. Ashley Alisha, Barmuda)
13. Rainy Day (Feat. Ashley Alisha, J.O.Y) with Lilly Choi
14. No Love (Feat. Ashley Alisha, Pat Kiloran)
15. Dreamers (Feat. Ashley Alisha)
16. Don’t Hate Me (Feat. nobody likes you pat)
17. Stupid (Feat. Ashley Alisha, J.O.Y)
18. Autumn Night (Feat. Kelsey Kuan)
19. Anymore (Feat. Ashley Alisha)
20. [Album Only] With Me (inst.)


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