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[PRE-ORDER] Dept [Persona]

[PRE-ORDER] Dept [Persona]

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Dept [Persona] Inclusion sheet

Kloud City Expected Shipping Date : 11.08.2023*


- Package: 140 x 150 mm / 1ea
- Disc: 1ea (5 inst. tracks have been added to the album. Only tracks 1~10 are listed on the tracklist at the back of the cover.)
- Booklet: 137*157 mm / 2 layers / 24p / 1ea
- Mini Book: 137*157 mm / 2 layers / 16p / 1ea
- Membership Card: 85*55 mm / 1ea
- Stickers: 100*100 mm / 1ea
Track List

1. Ghost
2. Galaxy (Feat. Cindy Zhang)
3. Universe (Feat. Kelsey Kuan, J.O.Y)
4. Persona (Feat. GARETH FERNANDEZ, Kelsey Kuan)
5. Trouble (Feat. Kelsey Kuan)
6. 3 Months (Feat. SHN)
7. Truth
8. Gravity (Feat. J.O.Y)
9. Palette (Feat. Ashley Alisha)
10. [CD only] Be Happy (Feat. amin)
11. Ghost (inst.)
12. Galaxy (inst.)
13. Universe (inst.)
14. Gravity (inst.)
15. Palette (inst.)


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