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 NewJeans [2024 SEASON'S GREETINGS] Inclusion sheet

Kloud City Expected Shipping Date : 10.01.2024*


- Outbox: 1EA / 213x313mm
- Desk calendar: 1EA / 200x170mm / 26P
- Exposed binding diary: 1EA / 148x210mm / 160P
- Photobook: 1EA / 210x297mm / 80P
- Handbook: 1EA / 148x210mm / 28P
- Year poster: 1EA / 418x592mm
- Mini posters: 7EA / 297x210mm
- Keyring: 1EA / 55x65mm
- Envelope: 1EA / 72x95mm
- ID Portrait: 5A / 32x46mm
- Case: 1EA / 65x95mm
- Index card: 4EA / 55x93mm
- Card: 53EA / 55x85mm
- Digital code: 1EA / 28x86mm
- Silver chain: 1EA / 140mm
- Stickers: 3EA / 140x200mm


*Please be aware that dates are subject to change due to potential flight disruptions caused by global events and or any unforeseen circumstances.

**Please note that "Pre-order/First press benefits" are included only where available and cannot be guaranteed. As a result, not all items mentioned in the description or infographic will be included if they are part of a pre-order or first press edition.

*** If your order includes pre-order items then, all items will be held until the pre-order item is ready to ship.

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